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Atenas Marathon
4 DAY PROGRAM, from November 11 to 14, 2022
Athens is spread over the plain of the Attic peninsula and currently has about four million inhabitants. More than three thousand years old, few cities have had such an important role in the development of humanity. Democracy, justice, theater and philosophy have their origin in classical Greece.

Athens is the ideal city for lovers of history, art and culture in general, but also for those looking for good weather, excellent cuisine and the rhythm of a modern and magical city at the same time. And if you also want to run a marathon you are in the perfect place.

The best-known version of marathon history tells of how soldier Philippi ran relentlessly from the Marathon plain to Athens to announce the victory of the Greek army over the Persians. This is actually a legend. What seems to have really happened is that he went to Sparta to ask for reinforcements, covering more than 200 kilometers.

The history that has become popular tells that the victory of Greece over the Persians had to be announced within a day. If this did not happen, Athenian women had to kill their children and commit suicide later to avoid being captured by the Persians.

The organizers of the first Olympic Games of the modern era, held in Athens in 1896, took this version to pay tribute to this myth. Long distance competition was needed and they found this distance to be ideal for a long distance race. The winner of the first Marathon race was the Greek Spiridon Louis, who became a local hero after managing to beat the odds in 2 hours and 58 minutes.

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